7 weeks post-op

One. More. Week.

It can't come soon enough. At seven weeks post-op, I just want to get off these crutches and start building up my leg again!

I continue to make progress, and now that I'm back on my own again, I'm doing more and more, while still trying to mind my restrictions.

Yesterday, I took my gym membership off hold and had a weight lifting session for my upper body. It felt very good to be back there -- my second home, really. I got a lot of strange looks as I crutched my way around the machines, but what do I expect?

I've also gone to the grocery store and used a bag to carry around the groceries I picked up. Got my hair cut, car washed, errands run. Life is nearly back to normal.

Still haven't taken any Tylenol in forever, and the only real pain I've had this past week is on the underside of my pelvis that hurts when I sit. A little worried about it, but I'll only have to wait till early next week to make sure everything is okay.

One. More. Week.


Anonymous said…
It's always good to check with your doctor if you are worried about pain that you are experiencing but be prepared for strange pain while everything heals. I have heard many women talk about a mysterious pain in their ass or muscles that tend to cramp or spasm. So most of the time be aware that you're just going through a healing process and really feeling normal takes time.
It sounds like you are doing great though. So keep up the good work.

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