Doctor, doctor

Dr. Mayo and I were finally able to catch one another today over the phone. I double checked with him about my restrictions from here on out. There are none, except those outlined in my PT protocol and no "impact loading."

He said I'll probably be walking unaided in about a month though it will be two to three months before I can walk normally throughout the whole day. (At the end of the day when my body is tired, I may limp for the first couple of months.)

I asked him about the lingering pain I've been having on the back side of my pelvis. He told me that it's probably just part of the healing process but to pay attention to it. I can go back to Dr. Thomas for another set of x-rays in a couple weeks if it's still bothering me.

And the biggest news comes last tonight. I decided today, with Dr. Mayo's approval, to go ahead with the right PAO this fall. He thinks I'll be ready, and even though I have a few reservations, I want to get it done as soon as possible. The decision to fix the right side is tougher, because I didn't have as much pain on that side. But I've been through this all before ... It's best to just get it over with. I'm waiting for Keri to call me to schedule the surgery. My hope is to have it late November after my 30th birthday.


Anonymous said…
You are so brave! Maybe not the right word- maybe strong is better. Best of luck with recovering from PAO1 and scheduling PAO2. I'm super proud of you. :) I'm going in today for a brief visit with my local doc at the 4 week mark. I'm feeling pretty good overall. It's a slow process though- huh?
I'll chat with you soon I'm sure. Have a great day!
Good for you! I hope this gives others who are thinking of having PAO some insight - it can't be "that bad" if you are scheduling the other before you are healed! I guess my "good hip" did not seem too bad to Dr Millis - he did not want to discuss PAO on that hip until I am fully recovered.

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