Walk this way

I had a beautiful weekend.

After a short but very productive physical therapy session on Friday, I suddenly was able to walk without a limp. Jennifer said muscle fibers have memories and sometimes just need to be reminded how to do their job. It was like something out of a movie. One minute she was scrunching her nose up at me, saying "I don't like how that looks," and the next minute we're both grinning as I'm walking across the room just like a normal person.

So on Saturday, I dumped the crutch altogether! Walked around the house, went to the grocery store, went to a housewarming party, went up and down numerous sets of stairs, walked around downtown FoCo for some late-night drinks ... Life is good, life is good.

I'm still limping a bit, and there is pain in the hip area, but it's a good pain, a muscle pain. I've been getting all sorts of new sensations and pain as things get moving again, but I'm happy to be feeling it. I plan on using one crutch when going long distances, but I think I'll be off the walking aids much sooner than Dr. Mayo thought.

Still have the gnawing pain on the back side near my tailbone after sitting or lying for longer than five minutes. I'm growing more concerned about it ... not sure if it's a screw or what. No matter, today, though. Life just keeps getting better and better.


Anonymous said…
You amaze me! Great job girl. I loved to hear of your progress- gives me hope for the weeks to come.
I also have a pain in my lower back, near the tailbone, on the op side. I had this pain preop as well. I have asked 4 docs about it. I even asked my local os about it on Thursday. He said that it appeared to be in my sacral-iliac joint and that is totally normal when your gait is messed up. Which would I guess explain why I had it before and after surgery. Does this sound like your pain?
Have a great week- crutch free! (or close enough.)
JenXer said…
It should (will!!) continue to get better and better over the next year. My right one feels well enough that I've started seriously considering the other one. :P

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