10 weeks post-op

Wow. I can't believe it's been two and a half months. The first month went by quickly, but the past six weeks have dragged a little. It's amazing, though, the progress I've made in this amount of time.

Good stuff
  • I am not using a crutch or a cane, except if walking more than the equivalent of a couple blocks.
  • I can lift my leg into the car and into bed without using my hands. (It's painful this way, but I do it to get my strength back.)
  • I can stand to get dressed, instead of sitting on my bed/chair. (Also a little painful.)
  • I can put my shoes on like a normal person, rather than lying half on my back and pulling my leg toward me.
  • I am sleeping much, much, much better. Almost as good as pre-op.
  • My scar is not as painful to the touch now that I'm massaging it each day to break up the tissue.
  • The numbness is already receding in my thigh. Before, the skin all around the drain scars was completely numb but now I have some feeling there.
  • I can wear jeans.
Challenging stuff
  • Now that my body is moving again, I'm feeling more pain: in the joint, in my leg muscles, in my sciatic area, in my lower and mid back.
  • My butt still hurts. Lots. It's been four weeks of daily pain and it's getting old. Jennifer checked out my sacroiliac joint today to see if it was out of whack and she didn't really think that would be the cause of the pain. (Thanks for the tip, Kirsten. Not sure what's going on!)
  • My hip is still tender on the outside. I notice this the most when getting dressed or putting on my seat belt.
  • Each step I take is a little painful, and I limp. Hmmm, kind of like pre-surgery! Only now I know things will get better instead of worse. Very cool!
Tomorrow I'm off on a four-day weekend in Chicago, my first visit! I'm thrilled and just the slightest bit apprehensive of how I'll do trekking across the airports and city. Happy 4th, everyone!


Hip Chick said…
Hi Cassie,

I'm so happy to read you're doing so well! Are you still thinking about doing the other side this fall?

I still have tail bone pain, although it's sloooooowly getting better. I've found that the best way to get relief is to do several Cat/Cows and then go into Child's pose.

Happy 4th!

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