12 weeks post-op

To celebrate being three-months post-op, I made my return to Body Jam, a cardio dance class at my gym. While I wasn't able to do about half of the moves because they were high-impact, it was so wonderful to be back after so long!

In the two weeks since I've written about post-op progress, I continue to get better. In fact, there are so few things that feel strange or hurt, that it will be easier to list those than all the things I can do now!

At this point
  • It only hurts (just barely) to walk when I've been sitting for a long time and then get moving again.
  • My limp is hardly noticeable.
  • I still feel a bit of stiffness in the joint, especially after inactivity.
  • My hip still hurts to roll onto, like when sleeping or trying to do crunches on my side. Once I'm in position, though, it doesn't hurt anymore.
  • The numbness continues to fade. I feel the sensation coming back in most of my thigh. There's a spot about the size of half a dollar bill that still doesn't feel a thing, though.
  • My incision and the surrounding area are still tender to the touch.
  • Lifting my leg while seated is the hardest activity to do, which makes getting into the car, putting on shoes, etc. a bit painful -- deep in the joint -- and difficult. I have to use my hands to help in most cases. The strength is coming back, just slowly.
  • My range of motion is not yet what it was pre-surgery, but getting better.
  • My tailbone is definitely not getting better. Still waiting for my donut to arrive, so I hope that helps.
And one final thing to celebrate: Yesterday, I sat on my bed to watch tv and pulled my legs in a cross-legged position without even thinking about it!

So three months post-op. Realistically, I'm about half-way through the entire recovery process (is that all?!) but I have so much to celebrate and I know the next three months will go by quickly and smoothly.


Anonymous said…
Good for you Cassie. It seems like you are on the right track and that your recovery is going as it should.

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