Getting to the bottom of things

I talked to Dr. Mayo today and he confirmed my fear: My butt hurts, indeed, because I had spent so much time on it post-op.

He said the tailbone pain I'm having is not uncommon, especially since I'm thin. So I guess I have to admit it: My tailbone is undependable. It got snarky with me because it wasn't used to being relied on so much. The recommendation: Get a donut to sit on at work and during the commute to take the pressure off it. I didn't ask how long it would be until it was happy again.

So, a donut it is. Much better than the alternative, which was going to some random doctor who was going to feel around my behind! Anyone know where I can find one? (A donut, not a random doctor to feel around my behind.)

Thanks, Laura, for the suggestions. Though I'm not happy that you have the same problem, I am glad that I'm not the only one dealing with this!

Other than that, I'm doing great. My friends and co-workers have all commented how well I'm walking, and a few people have said they don't even notice my limp (which is getting less pronounced by the week!) I feel so amazing to be walking so well!


Amanda said…
Walgreens has the donut thingys. Our friend broke his tailbone when he fell down the stairs and had to sit on one for about two months. He also popped three of them because he has a tendency to bounce in his chair like a little kid :)

I sent you an E-vite to your work e-mail about dinner next Saturday. Looks like a good showing so far (Matt AND Sally are both coming!)

See you next week!


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