Hold your applause

Whew! What a busy, long, great weekend I had in Chicago. What I re-learned is that I never know my limits until I test them. As I give a play-by-play, please hold your applause until the end of this post. ;)

This weekend, I did the following:
  • Walked -- unaided -- through Denver International Airport, O'Hare International and our giant hotel, hauling luggage all the while.
  • Walked -- unaided -- across dozens of city blocks in downtown Chicago with millions of people teeming the streets for the holiday weekend. I didn't get run over once. Though one lady behind us did complain we weren't going fast enough.
  • Ran (okay, so it was a walk/jog, or a wog, if you will) to catch a trolley to Navy Pier.
  • Danced for hours. Swing, hip-hop, country. IN HEELS.
  • Carried my 3-year-old nephew on my op hip.
  • Took a shower and shaved my legs while standing the whole time.
  • Went without a pillow either under or between my knees while sleeping.
  • Learned that I no longer need any walking aids.
I'm taking my bow now.
Not to say that my discoveries above weren't without a small price to pay. I hurt, and I'm still sore, from my feet to my hip. My non-operated hip was very angry with me, solidifying my decision to get the second surgery asap. I don't think I'll be traipsing around another big city for just a while!
I've also learned that the nagging pain in my butt is just that: in my butt. It's my tailbone, and it's still killing me. Not sure what I'm going to do with that piece of information, but something tells me this isn't just normal soreness. Might be paying the x-ray machine a visit soon.

All in all, I'm still a happy girl and feel so very lucky to have spent the weekend in a big city with family.


Sounds like you had an AWESOME time!! I lived in Naperville (about 30 miles west of Chicago) for a few years and LOVED going into the city!!
Hip Chick said…
Wahoo!! Sounds like you had a great time. It's nice to feel "normal" again.

The tailbone pain is not uncommon from what I've learned. I know that Sarah had it as well and unfortunately it takes a loooooong time to go away. (Read: I still get it.) Talk to your PT about ways in which you can get relief. Mine had me do Cat/Cows into Child's Pose and it works for me.

good luck!


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