Shame on me

Well, I finally couldn't help myself.

Walking back from the park tonight, my heart and my legs overpowered the little voice in my head (which ironically sounds a lot like Dr. Mayo) telling me to not to, but I did: I jogged.

About 20 steps, about like a normal person. But alas, the little voice in my head had been correct. It's just not time. While the gait felt normal, there was a lot of pain deep in the joint, so I stopped. But at the same time, it felt wonderful!

Had a good PT session today, though I feel as if I'm at a plateau. I'm down to one session per week for the next three or four weeks. I hope to be over this hump by then and eighty-six what's left of my limp.


Cassie - I too have had to fight the urge to run! I am back to exercising every day (biking, ellipitcal, walking..) Before my surgery Dr Millis told me I could be running again in a year - so that is my goal. I will see him in November and will hopefully get the go ahead.
Alyssa said…
I just came across your site while looking for info about PAO, and it's been very helpful so far.
I noticed that you seem to be a fairly active/athletic person, so I was just wondering if you had any insight about how long it can take to return to high impact sports such as running (I love running and can't imagine life without it!).
I plan on asking my ortho when I see him next, but I figured it can't hurt to ask around.
Cass said…
Hi Alyssa,
Glad you found my blog! My doctor doesn't ever want me returning to high-impact activities (especially running) but I know of some doctors (see comment at top) who are okay with it.
It's kind of a personal decision, depending on how much you're willing to risk in order to get back to running (which is very hard on your joints.)
If you aren't a member already, I suggest you join the HipWomen group listed on my page. You can get answers to all kinds of questions like these!
All the best,

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