Hooping it up

Yesterday, I played basketball for the first time since my op. Layups, dribbling between my legs and jump shots.

It all felt so good. No pain until about a half-hour in, when both hips started to get a little sore. This morning, I also feel just a bit of soreness.

But mostly, I feel happy. Pure and simple. I know now that I'll be able to play volleyball in September, and that brings a huge smile to my face.

On a side note, I'm probably pushing myself too hard. I was so well-behaved for the first 12 weeks, and now I'm past the point of patience. Now I want to get back to "better than normal." But I'm listening to my body and definitely won't keep pushing if I feel something that's not right.


abnacy said…
Hey Cass,
Would you mind if I used your definitions of hip dysplasia and PAO to put on my blog? I want to keep it simple like that so all my friends know what the heck is going on with me :) Let me know.. thanks!
Cass said…
Of course I don't mind! I hope you're doing okay. Preparing for your own surgery is hard enough; I can't imagine trying to care for your little girl at the same time. I hope you got the e-mail I sent to you awhile ago; if you ever need anything, you can always send a message to me directly.
Take care!

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