I wouldn't dream of it

The night before last, I had a very vivid dream.

I was about to head into surgery. When I got there, it was a big classroom, filled with my family, friends and strangers. Dr. Mayo was teaching this "course" and I was the living example. When we finally got around to having the operation, they didn't knock me out enough. I felt them cut into my thigh and immediately woke up to find that some random person was performing the op. To which I then demanded Dr. Mayo return because I wasn't letting just anyone open me up.

Alrighty then.

Like it or not, my subconscious thoughts are turning more and more to Surgery No. 2. So far, I've done a very, very good job of not thinking much about the whole thing, but now that I'm nine weeks away (holy crap, this is the first time I've counted and that's not long at all!) I'm having to deal with it more and more.

This time around, though, the physical planning and emotional mindset has been SO much easier.


abnacy said…
Girl, that's one stressful dream! I usually just wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep wondering about the whole thing....many sleepless nights. Nov huh, by christmas you'll be able to enjoy celebrate though!

MNav said…
Cass, I've been reading your blog from the beginning. I'm up through April now! I am scheduled for an LPAO with Dr. Mayo on October 1. I had avoided blogs up until now b/c I thought they would just scare me. Instead, I've found I can learn so much about the entire process. It's also reassuring to hear from women who have gone through this before -- especially people with the same surgeon.
You've done a great job of tracking everything. I do have a few questions if you find time to answer them:
1. Can you post the list of questions you asked Dr. Mayo in your pre-op appointment?
2. What will you pack for your next hospital stay? I'm working on my packing list now.
3. What will you have ready at home this time? My list so far has heatpacks and icepacks, vitamin e, Colace, grabber, shower chair, shower seat.
4. What will you do differently with your RPAO now that you've had one? Sort of "lessons learned" type of thing.
5. Any other advise to a future hip sister?
Cass said…
You bet I can post the answers to your questions ... I will get around to it sometime this week, I hope. Glad to hear my blog is giving you some helpful information and reassurance. I wish the best as you make your way through the pre-op process!

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