Life after PAO

This week, while the family was back in town, I did so much. More, even, than I could pre-surgery.

In no particular order, I ...
  • Went floating down the river in an inner tube.
  • Ran through the sprinkler like an 8-year-old.
  • Climbed in and out of a boat.
  • Walked through muddy muddy mud, almost losing my flip flops in the muck.
  • Shopped for six hours.
  • Ran, skipped and jumped.
  • Played on the jungle gym, hanging upside down by my ankles.
  • Did a cartwheel. Well, kinda.
  • Danced.
I feel like a kid again, embracing all the fun things I couldn't do two, three and four months ago. I'm so lucky!


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