PAO II: The Right Stuff

Two things about me:

1) I have a hard time making decisions. For proof, see this previous blog post.
2) Once I make a decision, I rarely look back. For proof, keep reading.

Having decided that my LPAO/recovery was bearable and that it is my best shot at saving my hips, I have scheduled surgery for my left hip on Nov. 10.

That's right. November 10th. Seven months and five days after Dr. Mayo first worked his magic. I've had a lot of people ask my why so soon. My reasons, David Letterman-style:
  • 10) I've already paid all the out-of-pocket costs for my health insurance for the calendar year. Having the surgery in 2008 means I will save about $2,500.
  • 9) I want to sky dive, mountain bike and rock climb starting next spring.
  • 8) Excellent work benefits and lots of paid sick leave. I eventually want to get a different job so I don't have to commute two hours each day, so I want to take advantage of my current situation.
  • 7) Valium before surgery is lovely.
  • 6) My parents will be able to take care of me again.
  • 5) I am not a patient person.
  • 4) The longer I wait, the less likely I will remember how great it is to be able to walk without pain. Which leads me to No. 3 ...
  • 3) The longer I wait, the more I'll be tempted to put it off.
  • 2) The right side bothers me more and more. Near-daily pain, and especially if I'm being especially active.
  • And the No. 1 reason I'm having my RPAO so soon:
    I'm not scared sh**less. Like I said, the first one was manageable. I know I can do this again. ... I think. ;)


abnacy said…
he he, that was funny :) I'm planning on mine 6 mos. apart if at all possible so I'm right there with ya! You are very brave and I'm sure you'll just feel so much better to have it all over with!! Also, saving that $2500 is an awesome idea.

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