Still recovering

Officially, I'm still recovering from this surgery. Lest I forget, every once in a while some stabbing or aching pain reminds me of this undeniable fact.

The past two mornings, I've encountered seriously strong pains on the back side of my pelvis when walking. I've been forced to hop on one leg because it's too uncomfortable to even try to step. I sit down to stretch, which seems to help, but mostly I just have to work it out by attempting to walk. The pain lasts about 5-10 minutes or so.

I'm not worried about it or anything. I think it's just a good and not-so-subtle reminder that my body is still adjusting to the healing/rebuilding phase and the new alignment that is my hip socket.


Jessica said…
I have been reading you story and your so strong! You have really inspired me. I was soo scared about the possibitly of have a PAO and i can honestly say i think i have just accecpted that it might happen and im not that worried anymore. I hope you continue to do well! i Would love to hear from you!
Hey Cassie! I'm sorry you are having those weird pains - hopefully they will go away. I know every once in awhile I get a strange pain - I think just to remind me that I had MAJOR surgery 6 months ago - and as Dr Millis tells me - I am not a teenie bopper anymore!!
First day back was great - the kids start back next week.

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