5 months post op

Today marks my five-month post op mark. I'm doing a smidge, yes, a smidge better than I was a month ago, but no significant turn of events.

The only issues I'm having:
  • Tenderness on the outside of my hip. Is this ever going to go away?
  • Pain deep in the joint only when doing certain things. Like getting in and out of bed, or trying to do my "clam shell" exercises (lying on my un-op side with knees together and bent a bit and then lifting my op leg at the knee), among others.
  • The smallest bit of stiffness in the joint, especially after a hard workout.
  • A couple of numb patches on my thigh.
  • A very sore tailbone. A very sore Cassie! This is the thing that concerns me the most about my next surgery. I'm going to be on my butt a lot, and am cringing at the thought of all that pain!


the girl said…
Hope it gets better for you!

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