Hip thoughts

I still think about my hips a lot.

Maybe you don't care what I'm thinking. But maybe you do, so I'll continue.

At five and a half months post-op, I think I'm probably 85 percent of how a woman my age without hip dysplasia/reconstructive surgery feels. I think I'm 90 percent better than I was prior to surgery, my tailbone and a grindy pain on the underside of my pelvis/inside of my groin causing the point deduction. I think I have less severe pain overall, but a few more minor annoyances on a daily basis than pre-surgery. Probably that will get better in time.

I know I'm very happy with my decision to have the surgery.

And I know that thoughts of my hips, my pains and my gait will continue to fade into my subconscious. Just this weekend, I walked around downtown Denver for a Rockies game and then to a few bars afterward without a second thought. Last year I tried to do the same and was in a huge amount of pain. What a difference a year makes.


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