Play music and dance

I know many of you* reading this are preparing for surgery. I know you're scared sh#%less. I was too, and it's not easy.

I guess I just wanted to say that beyond the fear lies a life you never thought possible. There is a great chance that after your surgery, you will feel better than you have in years. Your body, and therefore, your mind, will heal faster and stronger than you imagined.

Focus on that, if possible. Play some of your favorite music. Loudly. And dance, or sing. Free your mind as best as you can before your surgery, and know that you will be on the other side soon. Soon, you too will feel as carefree and painfree as I am.

A PAO (or two) will only make us stronger. And in the end, happier.

*Specifically for Acy and Michelle.


abnacy said…
Thanks, Cass.. your posts always encourage me!

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