Return to volleyball

About six months ago, I walked home from my last volleyball match with tears in my eyes and stabbing pains in my hip, not knowing when or if I would return to the game.

Tuesday night, I walked to the first match of the season with a cheesy smile on my face that I couldn't make go away. (I actually tried.) The great thing was, I walked home with that same smile.

Going in, I wasn't certain I'd be able to move around well enough to play. But I had two blocks, no missed serves and about five hits. There were a few balls that I couldn't get to cause I'm not going to dive just yet, but that's fine by me.

I did have a strange pain after my first hit that ran from my hip down to my knee, but it went away pretty quickly. Though I was a little sore the next day, I actually feel a little looser than I did going into the match.

I've learned so much through this PAO process. Mostly, you can't plan for anything. For better or worse, life changes at the drop of a hat. I still feel incredibly lucky that my surgery has turned out so well and cross my fingers that No. 2 goes as smoothly.

That way, I'll be ready to play again for the league that starts in June.


-D. said…
Dude, you're my hero! I'm not sure if I'll ever go back to activities like that, but it's good to know that I might be able to if I want.

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