Scheduling my six-month

Today I made my appointment with my Denver doc for my 6-month follow-up appointment. On Oct. 16, Dr. Thomas will take some new films and report back to Dr. Mayo.

I was a bit cautious about scheduling the second PAO so close to my 6-month follow-up, considering I've been having a few issues. But I talked to Dr. Mayo last week over the phone and he's confident that the left hip is just fine and will hold up okay while I go through the recovery with the right hip.

I'm sure I'll feel just as confident once those X-rays are shipped to Tacoma and Dr. Mayo can make extra sure everything has healed as it should.


abnacy said…
hey cassie,
man... i had a dream last night that I was in the OR for my PAO. That was so scary!! Its like all I could feel was pressure and then something was rotating my hip. Man. I'm so positive about everything, but the reality is about to set in that this is going to HURT. A LOT.
Any advice? :)


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