What a tease

It's hard to remain committed to the idea of another surgery when there are days I experience what I like to call "hip brilliance."

A couple of weekends ago, I had zero pain in my hip that's scheduled to go under the knife in six weeks. Yesterday, I walked almost three miles, lifted lower body weights and played volleyball with very little pain. Brilliant, I say.

But alas, I usually find, as I have today, that my hip is simply a tease. Today I'm sore sore sore in both hips, reassuring my decision to get PAOed again.

This is how it has gone with both hips for many months, years really. Back and forth, day to day.


the girl said…
I have absolutely no pain in my left hip, never have. It is definitely hard to decide to go through it...though the doctor doe recommend.
Anonymous said…

I think that through the rest of your life some days you are going feel like Superwoman and other days you aren't going to feel great even after the other PAO has that successful recovery. For one thing us hipwomen are very attune to the pelvic area and we have been surgically repaired to the best of the OS's ability for our individual bodies...Although it has been a few years out and I am happy with the results there are some days that I just feel sore or not quite right...and some doubt creeps in but I ease off, get some rest, breathe and stretch and so far get back on the track

LPAO 11/05
RPAO 6/06

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