Back in Montana

Just a quick post before I collapse into bed. I made it to Montana tonight, after some rushed and unorganized last-minute packing. Being here brings back a lot of post-surgery memories I had forgotten, and I'm feeling a little daunted. Only two days to go; I can't believe it.

I think my cold is starting to get better, thank goodness. I took the advice of my Hip Sisters and called Dr. Mayo's office on Wednesday. His PA, Sara, said that as long as I don't have a fever and there's no congestion in my chest, they will proceed with the surgery. She said my recovery will be harder, but a cold won't cancel anything.

No fever again today, and I'm hopeful the gunk that's left won't travel to my lungs.

I'm so super grateful for my friends, family, co-workers and Hip Sisters, who have been just as supportive of Round II as they were for the first one. Thank you, everyone, for all you've done. I feel so loved, am I'm so lucky to have you.


Stacey said…
Cass, you're going to do great! Thank you for opening up your life to those of us, like myself, just beginning the journey. See you on the other side. -Stacey
abnacy said…
Thinking of you, Cass! Hope you can have a little relaxation and fun before the big day. Take care!

Rachel said…
Good Luck Cass on round two! You'll be even stronger this time around no doubt!
See you on the other side, and keep posting :) (i'm now 6 weeks post-op!)

the girl said…
You are so strong! I cannot even imagine having two surgeries in one year. This one is enough for a while :)We'll all be thinking of you!
Shelley said…
Cass, good luck with your surgery. You are about 2 months ahead of me on both of my hips so it is nice to see how you do- I do round 2 on Jan 15th. I am so glad your cold is going away. It is just too hard to prepare for surgery, let alone to prepare and have to cancel and try again. Keep us updated on how you do.

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