I'm supposed to donate my first unit of blood tomorrow, but I woke up today with the beginning of a sinus infection. Perfect timing.

Even if the blood bank were to allow me to donate, I would decline. Don't want those germs to sneak back on me, now do I? One of my biggest fears post-surgery is having a cold. It took more than a month before I could simply blow my nose without pain. It was almost two months before I could sneeze without feeling as if my hip was going to rip open!

I cannot have a cold after surgery; I just can't!

The sinus infection isn't the only reason for the "blech" title. The past week or so, I've felt down as I start to make arrangements for my RPAO. I'm not ready to do this again. I was having so much fun with my new life, and now I have to backtrack and start over.

Lesson: Even though I've already been through one pre-surgery process -- including the emotional rollercoaster -- I'm going through it again. Just because I've done it once doesn't mean I get to bypass it all for the second surgery. Too bad!

So having gone through this already, I know this phase will pass. I'll return to an upbeat and "prepare for launch" mentality soon, I expect.


Shelley said…
I know how you feel. I am scheduled to see the surgeon on Nov 12 and talk about the left hip and schedule surgery. Well, I went in to see his PA on Wed for some weird thigh pain I was having and she wanted me to set a date then. I freaked out because even though I know I am having it and know it will be in the next few months, the idea of setting the date and actually having to start the planning and getting ready was just too much to think about right then. I thknk we are in the same boat. I had surgery 6/12 and the next one will be in December or January (I told you I couldn't set a date yet.)

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