Buhlud Part III

Feeling better than I did on Monday, I gave my first unit of blood today. Everything went smoothly, and my hematocrit was 39 percent, 2 percent higher than it was when I gave blood for my last surgery.

Which is ironic, cause last time, I was super picky about my diet and taking iron supplements. This time around, I've been careful but not obsessed like last time.

It still surprises me though, that my number falls on the low side for women. I've been taking iron supplements since February, so why still low? Guess I'll have to make that trip to my primary care physician once this is all over.

My second -- and last -- donation will take place on Friday the 17th.

For your entertainment, I'm re-linking the funny video that inspired the title of this blog.


the girl said…
omg that kid is so cute!!!

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