In my hospital bag

Below is my list of items I will be packing in my hospital bag. Some of the things I packed in the first bag didn't make the cut this time, and new things were added instead.
  • 1 pair of very baggy sweatpants for the trip home.
  • 2 pairs of loose, boxer short-type underwear (though I'll probably only need the one pair for the trip home. Underwear don't really work with a catheter).
  • 1 shirt and bra
  • 2 pairs of socks (though I don't need them as I'm forced to wear those tight TEDs).
  • Comfy and supportive slip-on shoes
  • Jacket
  • Mouthwash (very handy when you can't get to the sink to brush)
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste (when you finally are able to stand at the sink long enough!)
  • Trial size shampoo and conditioner (yay for showering post-op!)
  • Deodorant
  • Lotion (in my favorite scent, for a small comfort from home)
  • Cleansing facial wipes and moisturizer
  • Baby wipes and antibacterial gel for my hands
  • Dry shampoo
  • Eyedrops (my eyes are dry since the Lasik)
  • Ear plugs (the cpm's aren't quiet, nor are the dozens of nurses who come in to check vitals, etc. at 4 in the morning)
  • Eye mask to block out the light
  • Headband and hair ties
  • Feminine products (surgery in the pelvic area tends to throw nature for a loop)
  • Small pillow
  • Notebook and pen (for doctor's instructions, etc.)
  • Laptop to blog and keep in touch with friends
  • Cell phone
  • Camera
  • Reacher
  • Millennial crutches
No books, games or the like for me. I was too tired for any of that. Talked to my family and watched TV for entertainment when I was awake and alert and not being prodded by nurses or physical therapists (which wasn't often).


Anonymous said…
hi im going for a PAO next week with Dr John Clohisy in st louis MO. Im getting kinda scared. im worried cuz im probably going to be on my period....convenient huh:) i was wondering if u had yours when u were in the hospital & if it was hard to take care of yourself "femininely" that is. kind of an embarrasing question to ask but im just wondering how does that wonderful time of the month work with that kind of procedure. Id appreciate any suggestions!
Cass said…
I did have to deal with that for both of my surgeries. The first time, I got my period either during surgery or right after. Until I was able to walk to the restroom (Day 2 or 3) they placed a giant, flat pad under on my bed and changed it out when needed. It wasn't a huge deal; the nurses have seen it all. Once you are able to walk and get to a restroom, you can take care of yourself as you normally would. It sucks, but try not to worry too much. Best of luck with your surgery!

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