New surgery date

Dr. Mayo left me a message tonight (on a Sunday!), saying he needed to move my surgery up a week.

The new date is Monday, Nov. 3. Guess it's time to stop dragging my feet and start booking plane tickets and hotel reservations.

And maybe tell more people at work.

And find some decent slip-on, winter shoes.

And get a better attitude.

And a dozen other things that I now have 27 days to complete before I fly to Tacoma.

The good thing is that I'll be done with all this a week sooner. Very cool.


Amanda said…
They are ugly as sin, but they are easy to get off and on and they are super supportive. I would recommend anything by Dr. Scholls.

And you can get them here in town!

I'll keep an eye open for some cuter ones :)
the girl said…
I was JUST wondering about the shoes situation. All I have is heels =/ If you find anything good, please let me know!

Only 15 days to go for me...
abnacy said…
Hey cassie,
So.. my pre-op is tomorrow! I just copied all your questions to ask the Dr. so I can print it and bring it with me. Oye! I'm not sure I want to know the answers;)
Thanks for all your help.


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