Six months post-op/scar pic

As I look ahead to my second PAO, I find myself thinking less and less about the first one.

So it didn't surprise me that I almost forgot that today marks six months post-op progress. This was the amount of time that I had allowed myself to get back to normal. When people would ask me how long the recovery was, I always said between six and 12 months.

And now, here I am.

Am I fully recovered? Honestly, I have to say no. Close, but not fully.

The stats:
  • I have absolutely no pain when walking, even for long distances!
  • Still working a bit on strength, mostly for straight-leg type activities.
  • Range of motion is about 80 percent of what it was pre-op ... wonder if that will ever come back completely. Sure hope so; it'll make pedicures much easier!
  • Feelings still returning to thigh area, and it still creeps me out to touch my leg.
  • Two post-op complications are holding me back and testing my patience and pain threshold:
    • First is the notorious tailbone. Getting worse by the month. I no longer can sit on my bed and put my shoes and socks on because the angle puts too much pressure on my backside. Even pulling my pants up causes pain.
    • Second is an issue new to this blog but not new to me. For about a month, I've had a new pain on the underside of my joint, kind of between my groin and my butt. Hurts when I go up stairs, try to do clam shell exercises, abductor and adductor weight training. The good news is I get x-rays next week, and hopefully some answers as well.
  • Scar is still pink, but I can see it starting to fade and can see the pale, thin incision line underneath. Left photo is scar at 4 months, right photo is today's.


the girl said…
Wow - the scar is not bad AT ALL!!
abnacy said…
This is really happening!!! Your scar looks great now, hope mine heals that clean.

Chris said…
Hi Cass- I have never posted anything before so I hope this works. I am scheduled for a right PAO with Dr. Joel Matta in Santa Monica CA on November 5, so it sounds like we will be recovering together. Thanks for all the advice about what to get pre-op, this week I got my special shampoo, loofah and borrowed many tools from my 94 year old grandmother (!) and a retired friend who had a THR in February. Also good info to ask doc, it seems like they have been a little cavalier about the surgery whereas I have a few more concerns. I am compiling a list of questions for my doc tomorrow based upon some of yours. I guess my biggest question is: is it worth it in the long run? Do you have a private email I could ask you some ?s instead of posting them all over the www?
Cass said…
Hey Chris,
I'm glad my info has been helpful. To answer your question, yes, it has been worth it. At times, I feel as if I've traded one set of problems for another, but truth is, my post-op issues are things I have hope will get better. My problems before surgery were only going to get worse. I wouldn't be doing the second surgery if I didn't truly believe in it. Of course, I can't predict how the PAO will work in the long run, but so far, so good.
Of course you can write if you have other questions. I'm at
November's coming too soon, isn't it?
the girl said…
Hey Cass,

quick is your range of motion post surgery vs before?


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