Less than a week to go before I leave Colorado.

I've been in Jackson Hole, Wyo., for a work conference the past week, so now I'm trying to play catch-up. In less than a week I need to take care of all the things I spread out over a month for my last surgery. But it was totally worth it, as you can see from the photos.

Part of me is completely freaked out that I'm doing this again. And part of me is thinking, "whatever, just do it."

I'm not happy to report that my tailbone and pelvis issues are now accompanied by a giant butt knot. Yes, a butt knot. Like something that needs a deep tissue massage to work out. Clearly, the muscles/tendons are angry, so I tried to get into my physical therapist, but no go. She's booked till after I leave, so I'm just gonna try to work it out myself. I apologize for the public self-butt rubbing.


the girl said…
gorgeous pics!!! how long are you taking off work for the surgery?
abnacy said…
hey cassie,
I'm still on a walker and want to use my millennials, but I'm having trouble with them and feel unstable and scared! I just asked Rachel about them too, so if you have tips let me know. I'm tired of this 90 yr old wannabe walker. Thanks!

Amanda said…
Your favorite diva here with a great way to work out huge muscle knots ... Sit (or lay) on a golf ball. If that doesn't work, e-mail me and I have the most bestest massager thingy ever that you can use for the next week.

Big hugs,


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