Day 2

Hi gals, just a quick note to catch you up...we may get enough wireless signal for Cassie to post a little later in the day - that's how it worked yesterday. She has a lot of feeling coming back in both legs, and has requested the epidural be removed today as soon as possible, they will start oral meds first to be sure they have some pain coverage before taking it out. The PT and CNA arrived together this morning and decided to make it a joint venture (oh, that's funny!). Together they were going to give her a bath and get her to stand for a moment on her good leg. Then later this afternoon, hopefully...she can try a few steps! Though much sleep deprived she is trying to be very sweet, though she has had the unfortunate luck to be next door to a little old lady with Alzheimer's who is very confused and cries and screams most of the day and night. Poor lady, (I mean Cassie, of course!). It makes her even more determined to get out of this place as quickly as possible! Thank you for thinking of her! Sharon


abnacy said…
Hey Cass,
I had a guy next door to me while in the hospital who constantly yelled, " HELP ME!" and "Hello?" for the whole few days that I was there. I empathize! Yay for baths and learning to walk again.. be grateful we only have 2 hips, eh? this is your last PAO. And, LOL about the "joint venture" that was funny Cass' mom.

Amanda said…
Oh thank goodness you are doing so well. Hopefully you will get to go home soon and you can start the journey of recovery and healing. I will be sure to pass the news along to Club 1300. We've all been pulling for you!
Anonymous said…
Hi Cass! I got to use the computer at Janey's and wanted to say Hi! You sound like you are now a pro and a trooper! So proud of you! Love you,
your big sis!
Shelley said…
Hi Cass. It sounds like you are doing well. I had a woman in the room with me that would yell for the nurse and at the nurse if her pain meds were even 5 minutes late according to the time on the the board when she was due. At least you got a bath- that is a plus. Keep up the good healing.

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