Hi everyone,

Just a quick post to say we got back from the hospital late last night. The trip was long and not particularly easy, so I'm thrilled to be back in my own bed.

Doing well overall, just need a lot more rest. I will update more later, lots to catch you up on.

Thanks for all your encouragement!


Alice said…
Hi Cassie,
Glad to hear from you and that you are home and recovering. I have been silently rooting for you as I will be Mayo's PAO surgery on Jan 12th. Thank you for your posts and information it is helpful and (usually) conforting. Keep healing1
Alice Spokane, Wa
abnacy said…
Welcome back home, enjoy resting in your own bed and lots of pillows. Get lots of sleep!

Anonymous said…
I am sure that you are very happy to be home and finally recovering. As my mother says you don't go to hospital to recover. You go there to be fixed and then go home to rest. So enjoy being with your folks and in a comfortable bed. Lauren
MNav said…
Glad to hear you're home. Enjoy all of your mom's doting and don't forget to ice that tailbone as well as the leg! It really helped me. You're going to do great!

Stacey said…
Welcome back, Cassie! So very glad to hear that you're recovering at home now. You're a true warrior through and through. Your strength, determination, and positive attitude is amazing. You're am encouragement to us all. God bless you.


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