Knowing what to expect

Got to Tacoma without any problems today. Mom and I are staying in a beautiful hotel right on the water. Wish I could stay here for five nights instead of the hospital!

No food or water after midnight. The food part I can deal with, but no drink till tomorrow night will be tough.

I'm feeling calm and prepared. Knowing what to expect has mostly been a good thing. There are a few things that I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then, but I'm okay with the tradeoff. I hope the things I learned during Round 1 will carry through to Round 2. I'll probably be a bit nervous tomorrow, buts that's okay too!

So thankful that my mom is here. We had a good night, a good dinner and hopefully a good night's sleep to come. Kind of a big day tomorrow. ;)


the girl said…
Best of luck. Will be thinking of you tomorrow!
abnacy said…
Glad you could enjoy one day before, can't wait to hear from you once you're up to it!

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