More progress

Today we packed up the cpm! Tonight I will attempt to sleep with my leg in the bed, not whirring up and down in some silly machine. Lots of pillows under my knee and at my side will be my friend.

I'm also off the oxycontin! Just the oxycodone to go. I accidentally forgot to take it last night and woke up with the worst withdrawal symptoms: shakes, sweats, all-around craziness. Popped a pill and felt much better. I can't believe I'm addicted already and will be going off them in a couple of days after I'm used to being off the oxycontin.

I also put my own socks on today!

And I can reach stuff on the floor both from a sitting position and standing!

And I'm overusing the exclamation point! That's what happens when you make so much progress!


the girl said…
Progress is awesome! Glad to hear you are doing so well.
Amanda said…
Yay! I have some awesome socks here for you. I will look up your Mom's addy and send them to you. It's even more fun when you have cool socks to put on :)

Manda :)

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