Note to self

A few hours away.

As I prepare mentally for my second surgery in seven months, I've arrived at one main conclusion, which leads my "Note to self" list.

1) Don't compare this surgery/recovery to the last one. I learned during my last recovery that every person is different, which means every recovery is different. Just the same, my first and second surgeries could be drastically different. Dr. Mayo has told me a couple of times that one recovery is always harder than the other. Which one will be which? It doesn't really matter, as long as I don't compare the two and simply heal at the pace that's right for Round 2.

2) Don't be afraid of moving around. Those screws are long for a reason, and my hip is not going to fall apart.

3) Don't take no crap from no nurses! You will not let the nurses make you cry, Cassie.

4) Make the operating room nurses and techs laugh. They give you Valium for a reason, and my reason is to be the comedian before they put me under.

That is all. I'm feeling confident and ready to do this, though not looking forward to the first few weeks of the recovery. Thanks again, everyone, for the prayers and support this afternoon. My mom, Sharon, will be updating my blog when she can.

See you on the other side!


-D. said…
Good luck, you can do this! And you're right, don't take any crap from the nurses!!
Amanda said…
You have been on my mind all day, sweetie. I hope all went well and that Dr. Mayo is taking good care of you.

Mom, thanks for keeping us updated! Next time I'm in Rosebud County, I'll drop by and thank you in person!

Big hugs

Rachel said…
Good Luck Cass! (although I think as I type this, you are already out on the other side!)...
Keep us posted Mom on how she's doing!..


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