Post-op restrictions and goals

For the next seven weeks I am to:
  • Not put more than 44 pounds of weight on my leg. (This is the weight of my leg plus the slightest bit of pressure. We tested on a scale before I left the hospital.)
  • Not actively move my leg, especially straight leg raises or side to side. This means Mom lifts my leg into the pickup, into the cpm, or that I lift my own leg with my hands or by hooking it with my other foot.
  • Not sleep on my operated side
  • Run my cpm until my hip easily bends to a 90 degree angle
While the number of restrictions is few; their reach is far. Being on crutches for eight weeks presents plenty of interesting challenges ... and even more interesting solutions. Let's just say that the items I've placed in my shirt, pants, pockets, etc. so I could have my hands free for the crutches are items that should never be in such places.

I may not be able to escape the eight-week restriction, but I still have goals. Last go-around, I just let things happen as they may. This time, I'm pushing a bit to:
  • go off the pain meds (almost there)
  • get rid of the cpm sooner
  • walk better with crutches
  • get my stomach/intestines back on track
  • sit on the floor sooner and reach lower
  • get rid of the toilet seat riser sooner
  • start working by week 3 post-op (from home, of course)
Balancing the activity level vs. pain meds has been tough, and there are times -- like this morning -- that I feel all-around yucky and just want to sleep. Luckily, I am able to do just that. Clutching my pillows and falling asleep on my side is becoming my new favorite pastime.

Seven weeks, welcome. I'm ready for you to come. But mostly to go.


the girl said…
hmm...I have been doing straight leg/bent knee raises and side to side out of boredom to build up my strength. Are they really bad? My surgeon told me that anything was game except for putting weight on the operated leg, but now I am nervous. Maybe I should call the office...I have been actively trying to lift my leg on its own into the car and am finally successful at it. Yikes! I hope I am not screwing this up.
Cass said…
Each surgeon's post-op restrictions are different. However, Dr. Mayo is very clear that I shouldn't be doing straight leg activities; it puts a lot of pressure on the joint and the muscles. You may want to check with your doc, but he may be fine with those types of activities ...

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