6 weeks post op RPAO

Six weeks post-op sounds so much better than five. At this point, a lot of my Hip Sisters were allowed to start weight bearing. While part of me is jealous, another part of me is simply happy knowing that my bones are almost done knitting back together. A couple more weeks, and I'll get to start focusing on the muscles, ligaments and tendons.

It's been an uneventful week. Old Man Winter is paying us a visit, which means I don't get out of the house much. The symptoms of cabin fever I was displaying have turned into a full-blown case. Other than that, I feel very good.

At this point, my recovery is in a holding pattern. No big progress has been made, mostly because there's just not a lot more I could be doing, besides walking.

  • My range of motion is increasing.
  • Clicking has returned. This actually started about three weeks ago, but I notice it more now because I'm moving around more. It's not painful, just a loud click.
  • Getting my socks and shoes on is still difficult. I can do it like a normal person, (and I tried Marina's trick) but it's not easy.
  • I can now sleep on my operated side (against doctor's orders). More on that tomorrow.
  • I can sneeze! Sometimes it still hurts, but mostly it's a-ok.
Two more weeks!

See how I felt at six weeks post-op LPAO.


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