Getting on with it

One week from today, I'll be in my own apartment.

The day after Christmas, I'll drive the 500-some miles to Colorado and get on with my life. A hair cut, visits with friends, and my eight-week follow-up appointment will punctuate the first few days of my return.

I'll start physical therapy sessions with Jennifer on Jan. 5, which also is the day I return to work. I'm so excited to get moving again!

A few challenges lie ahead, including driving, which I haven't done since the operation. And the possibility of snow and ice, which would be dangerous on crutches and stairs. Luckily, I'll have plenty of help until I get the all clear to drop the crutches, so everything should be good.

How can it not be?


the girl said…
Hoorah! I am flying back to NYC tomorrow morning and also back to work on January 5th. I am SO excited to get back to my apartment, my boyfriend, my clothes, and my own space! I love my parents but 10 weeks was tough. :)

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