9 months post op LPAO

January 23 marked my nine month of progress from my left PAO. Has it gone by quickly? Slowly? The answer is both.

I found the first few weeks to go by quickly, followed by a stagnant period, picking up again at the eight-week mark, slowing down at three months, and so on. My RPAO, which hit at seven months, took the focus off the first recovery.

Here's how I feel at this point:
  • Good: No pain in the joint. I can walk for hours and not feel anything!
  • Good: My incision is flat and continues to pale.
  • Good: Strength and balance have returned to pre-surgery levels.
  • So-so: My range of motion is not as good as before surgery but not by too much. When I push it, I do feel some pain.
  • So-so: Numbness has decreased following the initial recovery, but I still get a very strange tingling sensation when touching any part of my upper thigh. It creeps me out.
  • Bad: Deep groin pain (which is muscular/tissue-related) upon external rotation. This means no clam-shell type movement sans pain.
  • Bad: Tailbone pain is almost unbearable at times. It hurts when sitting, lying on my back, putting my clothes on. I'm seeing an osteopathic doctor and working with my physical therapist to see if I have any options left.
I look forward to see where this recovery takes me in the next three months. I will be happy to be one year post op.


Brick said…
I am impressed! I hope you can get the tailbone situation figured out.

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