9 weeks post op RPAO

Since I missed reporting on eight weeks post op, here is my nine-week report.

Four words: I feel quite wonderful.
  • My hip joint is 95 percent without pain.
  • My hip muscles and hip flexor are fairly sore as I get moving again. Nothing horrible.
  • Incision is looking ok.
  • Numb patch is getting smaller and less numb.
  • Still am struggling with range of motion when bending straight over, like when putting on my socks.
  • Getting into the car or standing from a squatting position are still tough.
  • I'm easily sleeping through the night.
When people ask how I'm doing, instead of reciting the above, I simply say four little words.

I feel quite wonderful. :)

See how I was doing at 8 weeks post op LPAO.


Brick said…
You go girl! What a wonderful and new experience for you to start enjoying a "normal" life.
Anonymous said…
That is fantastic news. Good for you and I am sure that you are so very happy to have 9 weeks under your belt. Only up from here.

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