Work, pt and the gym

I made it back to work today after being away for nine weeks. It felt very good to be back in the office, and my co-workers marveled at how well I was doing.

My reunion with Jennifer (my physical therapist) followed. She, too, was in awe of how strong I was. Despite that, she was able to find a host of things that are wrong with my alignment and flexibility. Among the top:
  • My sacrum is uneven.
  • The bottom of my pelvis is really uneven. Off by an inch.
  • The muscles in my lower back are pulled too tight.
  • Hip flexor is very tight.
Jennifer chalked most of this up to my extremely sensitive, very painful tailbone. As the saying goes, misery loves company, and my tailbone is working hard to pull everything else into its crabby state. Therefore, she is lining me up with a doctor/chiropractor who specialized in coccyx and lower back pain. I'm crossing my fingers.

We only lined up two more physical therapy sessions, as I'm doing so well.

After pt, I made my way to the gym. Did 11 minutes on the elliptical and then lifted lower body weights: quads, hamstrings, calves, gluts, adductors and abductors. I'm lifting 30 percent to 75 percent of what I was before surgery. So I have a lot of room to grow, but the goal is to take it easy as I work to get stronger.


Anonymous said…
First, I would like to thank you for having a blog regarding your PAO surgery. I have been reading it since before my PAO surgery in September. And it inspired me to keep a blog of my own. It has been so great to be able to know what to look forward to and now to be able to compare notes.

I totally agree with the relief and sense of freedom of getting rid of the walking aids. I too have been working, PT, and gym for the last two weeks now. It feels great to get back to real life.

Good luck to you in the rest of your journey to pain free hips!!

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