Crooked as a question mark

In my last post, I mentioned my "terribly crooked tailbone."

My last doctor and I looked at at pre- and post-op x-rays, which showed my tailbone pulling sharply to my left. Though we initially thought the surgery had caused the shift, the pre-op x-rays showed the same thing. Seems hip dysplasia was not my only problem; the construction of my entire pelvic region has been wacky from the start.

The doctor is certain, however, that the PAO caused an unnatural pull on the muscles/tendons/ligaments from the tailbone to the hip area, triggering the pain I've been feeling. It may get better with time; it may not.

I do not regret having my PAOs. I do want to note, though, that experts are still gathering information about long-term success of this surgery, which began in Switzerland in 1984. I am not a doctor, and I am not an expert in this subject. But I do feel that unexpected side effects (like tailbone pain) are more common than these top-notch surgeons are currently taking note of. My awesome surgeon made me aware that my hips weren't ever going to be pain-free, but I didn't really think tailbone pain would be a part of this equation.

But who I am to complain? Because of this, I get to talk about my backside a lot. ;)


TnT said…
Oh wow, wacky yes! It's very clear on that x-ray.

I totally agree with your assessment on PAO outcome risks. There just haven't been that many PAOs done/studied over time, since it's so relatively rare, to know all the risks, which is scary.

At least you know clearly what's causing the tailbone problem. I will continue to hope that you find relief.

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