Tailbone saga

On July 10, I had a procedure for my tailbone pain. The official term: caudal epidural steroid injection. The casual term: pants down here's a needle.

Basically, the doctor places a needle into the space between the sacrum and tailbone and injects the steroid, which affects the spinal nerves. The purpose of the injection is twofold: 1) if it provides pain relief, it shows that area is the source of the problem. 2) if it provides pain relief, it provides pain relief. :)

Anyway, the procedure was a little painful, and I had some minor reactions to the steroid (flushing, sleeplessness, soreness at the injection site). Since then, I've had no relief from the initial pain, I'm sorry to say.

I'm glad I gave it a shot (pun intended) and am considering my options. Unfortunately, the last doctor I saw said the chances of losing the pain were slim since my tailbone is so terribly crooked. The next step is "manual therapy," in which a doctor massages the muscles around the tailbone. Doesn't sound bad, does it? Throw in the fact that he/she must do it internally via the vagina or rectum, and you know why I'm hesitating.

So my tailbone is an annoyance most days and a burden on others. But my hips are doing very well, and for that I'm very happy!


TnT said…
Do you know if your tailbone was crooked to begin with, or did it become crooked as a result of the PAOS?

I am sorry that the injection didn't work. It would be nice for you to get this issue resolved. Terri
Jen said…
Terri, I wondered that as well. Oh, I hope they don't have to "violate" you and you get better soon! Hang in there!

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