How often to see a doc post-op?

I had my latest hip checkup in May 2009. When I asked Dr. Mayo when he wanted to see me again, he said in two years. Which. Is. ... About now.

The thing is, I don't really want to go. My hips feel great and I'm not too excited to make another vacation out of a hip appointment. Come May, I'll be 3 years post-op LPAO and 2½ years RPAO.

Which leads me to my question for all the other post-op hip patients out there. How often do you see a doctor for follow-up care?


SHC said…
Hey Cass...

SO happy things feel so great and you don't feel a need to have to go back!!! =)

I continue with issues (in the thigh, not the hip though), unfortunately, so while stretches of time in between trips to orthopedics has drastically increased, last time I was there was this past fall...which was 1 1/2 years since the last hip surgery (pretty good, I think!).

I am 5 years out from the intial PAO/FAI surgery though, and believe that without the continued issues from that pesky spike of bone that grew and was not detected, and wreaking havoc from within, I would have had a much longer stretch of time in between visits FOR SURE!
Cass said…
Thanks for the feedback, Sheila! I'm sorry about the bone spur. What are your options?

I'm so thankful I've had so few problems post-surgery. Very lucky!
SHC said…

The bone spike (not spur, as distinctly stated and explained as such by my OS) was manually detected during hip surgery #7 with my new OS and removed...that is what gave me my freedom! That was Feb 09.

The lingering issues are all in the thigh though, not the actual hip, just resulting issues from the surgeries (since the PAO in 2006 actually).

It's been a lot of bouncing around, moving 3 states, etc but the options now are nothing...just awaiting testing in 1 1/2 months that I've already been told won't show anything by another new doctor (not ortho). So in the meanwhile, just continuing to continue on.
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