My favorite stretch

Do something for me. Try this stretch if you can.

Whether you are pre-op or post-op (just not in the first few months following your surgery!), you might find this feels marvelous, just like I do. (Not me in the video.) It's generally called a glute stretch, but it also works the hips. And it feels. So. Good.

It goes without saying (except I'm saying it) that I'm not a doctor or physical therapist, so please use caution and don't hurt yourself. Some people simply may not be able to get into that position.


Cassie Quint said…
Hi Cassie my name is Cassie too! Bilateral moderate severe hip dysplasia diagnosed at age 32 a month ago planning for pao on left in February 2015. Have to plan in advance as I work as an ER doctor and taking 6 months off is a big burden on my colleagues and my family. I also have to now hold off on having kids until I'm fixed. I'm nervous and scared. Thanks for writing your blog.
Cass said…
Hi Cassie! I can't imagine getting my diagnosis and my approval for a PAO within one month. It's a ton to take in. Things will get easier ... life is better on the other side! But the planning process and emotional toll is rough. If you ever have questions, please feel free to ask. Also, have you joined the PAO Facebook group yet? It's super active and really helpful. There's a link to it on the right-hand side of my page. Best of luck to you, and keep in touch! (We Cassie's with hip dysplasia and PAOs are a rare occurrence!)

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